Doc2Have - Praxisvermittlung für Europäische Ärzte
Doc2Have - Praxisvermittlung für Europäische Ärzte

What is required in order to take over a practice?

  • Completed residency training
  • German language skills level B2 (telc B2 C1)

Get more information: Reference for Languages


You do not need any of your own capital nor a bank loan for the takeover!


In case you need some more time to complete your Residency training or your German skills for B2 level are not sufficient, you can still fill in the form, it's worth it! Many practice owners are willing to wait a longer time if they already know that there is a successor. Most practice owners know in advance when they want to stop working and they look for a successor 1-2 years before actually retiring. In such a case, we add you to our database and we get in contact with only such practice owners. For this reason it is important to know an approximate date of when both requirements are possible to be met.


Fill in our contact form without any further obligation.


You will then receive detailed information and data on how to proceed.

Our service is free of charge.


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